A (re)new Architectural firm.

I am exploring the idea of expanding my practice into a dynamic studio. In order to make this “great
recession” into a strong positive, I am willing to explore partnering compatible intern architects and or
architects as members of my practice. For this to happen, a candidate or candidates must show me why
this is a good idea.

What I have to offer:
•        Strong prospective commissions including a new 13,000 office building, my own green LEED certified
mixed use urban infill building of over 20,000 square feet, the converting of a medium sized hospital into
senior housing, green homes and other miscellaneous jobs.
•        An established reputation and collection of repeat clients in North Florida.
•        Experience from academic lab buildings, mixed use, and assembly use to green home additions.
•        Established relationships with local business and civic leadership.
•        Leadership capabilities and many years experience guiding internships.
•        An open mind to design and technology.
•        I can help you meet all the IDP requirements for the exam and to complete your experience.
•        A willingness to do this!
•        Dynamic offices with services and a central location.
•        And with my 5 year plan for retirement, a possibility for this firm to change hands to the right

What you can offer:
•        A desire to further your experience as an architect or intern architect.
•        A compiled set of education and experiences in our field.
•        Common sense and organizational skills to accurately manage and produce construction documents
for commissions.
•        Willingness to accept compensation on a job by job basis at least until the economy recovers.
•        Fresh ideas, your design style, your curiosity.

You can find my web site here:

You can find the green subdivision I own and designed here:

I welcome your interest in this. If you are looking for a steady paycheck, I wish I could help you, but in all
honesty, I cannot at this time. If you are looking for a chance to further your proficiency, we can do this. As
the article in the current Architect indicates, more firms are created in a recession then in boom times. The
work is out there. I can sell; perhaps that is also one of your skills as well.

Please write me back if you find this idea compelling. If we click and you are willing, I have offices ready to

Thanks much