Magnolia Bay Innovation Center was conceived to serve a perceived need in Gainesville for
class A office space with the flexibility to serve innovative companies. MBIC is located in the
downtown Gainesville area just to the east of Union Street Station, the Hippodrome and the
Sun Center. It is placed such that easy interface with the University of Florida and with other
downtown tech businesses can take place. The MBIC building is close to cafés and
restaurants in the downtown area. It is close to the Union Street Starbucks!

The MBIC building is to be very green, meet LEED gold criteria and will have features
important to a healthy, productive work environment. The MBIC building is designed to
enhance the natural opportunities for the occupants to interact and perhaps generate
spontaneous links which might lead to heretofore unanticipated creations. To this end we
placed a shared, glass enclosed conference room right in the front, next to the entry and the
monumental stairs.

Here are some of the facts about MBIC.  Each floor area is about 9,000 square feet. There
are six floors planned. There is executive and guest parking beneath the building. Since the
building will be designed to meet low energy use criteria, such costs are significantly lower
than other office buildings. MBIC is available for lease or for purchase. Space is available by
the suite or by the whole floor. MBIC will be available for tenant improvement in the fall of
2010 and full opening in January 2011. Commitments for two floors are already in hand.
Magnolia Bay Innovation Center
Michael Pellett, Architect