Michael Pellett, Architect has been active in architecture in Gainesville since 1995.
Located in the heart of downtown, we are ready to solve all your architectural needs.
We have 4 CAD technicians available. In addition, we have consulting engineers,
surveyors, interior designers and energy consultants available to provide the complete
design package for you. Green architecture, sustainability, LEED, and solar design are
all of great interest and are emphasized.
About Us
A professional architectural firm in Gainesville, Florida

In exploring ideas for design solutions I have looked
at the technology needed and tailored it hopefully
to please the architectural participant (user).  
Devices like grounding or giving a base,
participating in the dynamic of the context, using
courts, fountains, vegetation, providing windows to
look out of, not just to decorate a facade are useful.
Introducing touchable, understandable surfaces to
interact with, help to bring sometimes large
constructions into the realm of friendliness.  I wish
my architecture to impress, invite, and draw back
the user much like the Grand Canyon does or a
street café in Paris does.   
•        Florida A & M University School of Architecture,
•        Bachelor of Architecture, May 1993.
•        Associate Degree of Architectural Technology awarded June 1976 Madison Area
Technical College, Madison, Wisconsin.

•        Registered Architect 1986, State of Wisconsin, License No. A-5872
•        Registered Architect 1993, State of Florida, License No. AR 0014676.
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Michael Pellett, Architect