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About Michael Pellett

Good design must meet the programmatic needs of the client. Good architecture adds to meeting these needs the concepts of responsibility involved in the architect’s personal credo. My credo decidedly involves a wish to provide environmental responsibility, humanistic appropriateness, beauty, and humor.

I am responsive as an architect first to the needs of the client, then to the context involved. I seek solutions which are esthetic and in good taste. I study how the environment can be served as well as study how the new building, addition or renovation can meet the intangible needs of the users such as good heath and productivity.

Services Offered

Programming – Determining your building need.

Design – Develop a useful building design. 

Construction Documents – Provide biddable, buildable and understandable legal documents for construction.

Field Inspections – Site visits during construction to verify proper execution of the construction documents per your needs. Medical, Mental Health, Retail, Hotel/Ballroom. Public Buildings, Religious and Restaurants are recent experience.

3D Building Modeling – 3D models can be developed of your design to generate any perspective view and walk through. Camera ready artwork can be provided for your imaginative use such as brochures or marketing efforts.

ALSO: New Construction, New Additions, Fire Code Corrections, Internal Structural Renovations, Laboratory Upgrades, Major Building Construction, Administration, Office Upgrades, ADA Corrections, Cost Estimating, Cost Control, Programming, Interior Design, Custom Homes and Home, Additions, Building Recycling



I have done work in the private and public sector as an architect throughout the 25 years that my shingle has been hanging.

At every opportunity given me, I have sought to incorporate sound environmental design features and principals into the buildings I was impacting. I have participated in quite a few environmental seminars and in the 1970’s owned a solar business in Wisconsin. An interest in what is now known as “Green Design” brought me into the field of architecture in 1974.

I have an intense interest in building safety and human productivity.  I hold active architecture licensure in Wisconsin and Florida.


Solving beautiful and affordable housing needs is an interest I have had since entering this field in 1974.  I have designed many solutions. Coordinating the various players and regulations has been a part of what I do as an architect.

I will personally meet with you to design a best solution for your housing needs. Once we agree on a design, I will work the magic to get your design ready for construction!

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ADDRESS: 3631 NW 23rd Place, Gainesville, Florida 32605
PHONE: (352) 262-5111
‬EMAIL: michael@pellettarchitect.com