Michael Pellett, Architect

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Taking the agreed to
program  a useful building
design is conceptualized.
By incorporating 3D
Building Modeling - A CAD
3D model can be developed
of your design which can be
used to generate any
perspective view and walk
through. This enhances
mutual understanding of the
proposed design and
provides camera ready art
work for your imaginative
use such as brochures or
marketing efforts.
The Meridian Office building
depicted here is the result of a 9
county mental health provider
being in great need of space.
Many of the buildings and rooms
now used for administration are
actually better suited for
providing mental health services.
The architect worked with the
Vice President of Facilities to
mold a design stipulating a
solution. Efforts were made to
determine where on the present
campus to place this building,
how best to configure it and how
to allow for future growth. This
building also incorporates
extensive LEED green features
such as under floor air, which
provides a huge energy savings
as well as great flexibility for the
facilities people in the future.
Board Room
Board Room