Good design:

Good design must meet the programmatic needs of
the client.  Good architecture adds to meeting these
needs the concepts of responsibility involved in the
architect's personal credo.  My credo decidedly
involves a wish to provide environmental
responsibility, humanistic appropriateness, beauty,
and humor.
I am responsive as an architect first to the needs of
the client, then to the context involved.  I seek
solutions which are esthetic and in good taste.  I
study how the environment can be served as well as
study how the new   building, addition or renovation
can meet the intangible needs of the users such as
good heath and productivity.
•        New Construction
•        New Additions
•        Fire Code Corrections
•        Internal Structural Renovations
•        Laboratory Upgrades
•        Office Upgrades
•        ADA Corrections
•        Cost Estimating
•        Cost Control
•        Programming
•        Interior Design
•        Custom Homes and Home Additions
•        Building Recycling
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