•        An efficient green LEED certified environment for your operations.  
•        Reduced energy use while providing for natural day lighting.
•        A clean wholesome place to effectively get the job done.
•        Lighting with state of the art LED general lighting, no flicker!
•        Architect can help provide thought out flexible department associations further enhance productivity.
•        Under floor distribution for power, air and telecommunications give the flexibility that each work station will have individual air flow control, greatly reducing the arguments over
the thermostat.
•        Under floor system speeds up remodeling in the future as changes are a snap.
•        State of the art of green building technology.
•        On site management.

•        Central downtown location.
•        Very close to local state and federal government offices.
•        Town and Gown interface is natural here.
•        A pleasant area near a park, the library, restaurants and two main roads.