Michael Pellett, Architect

     Portfolio:        Construction Administration
This phase of work not
only provides site
inspections during
construction to verify
proper execution of the
construction documents
per your needs, but full
documentation of the legal
process involved with
acting as the owner’s
representative during

It is strongly advised for
an owner to demand 10 to
20% of the professional
fee be dedicated to this
activity in order to
enhance success of the
Sample Field Directive
Sample Building Department Correspondence
The Punch List. The smaller the better!
Examples of various CA documents
From February 2014 through Feb. 2018 I provided in
field CA services with the company Stantec. The
photo above is a progress shot of the VA Bay Pines
Mental Health Addition in St. Petersburg. I was on site
4 days a week for 2.5 years conducting all manner of
CA work for this hospital, for an office building, and for
the expansion of the Central Energy Plant (CEP). I also
provided CA for two wards each receiving 5 million
dollar renovations at this VAMC. (The veteran in the
wheel chair in the foreground is Gary. He loves to feed
The addition had to connect on the third floor
to the existing hospital to link the new
critical mental health floor to the existing
facilities. This bridge spanned over the
portion of the CEP which houses the large
boilers. Massive columns penetrated through
the CEP roof and straddled the boilers. This
required extensive coordination between the
design team and contractor.